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Handbooks and manuals

In the Business Planning Center you will find manual for the production of a business plan, which includes expert guidance and key questions regarding the content of each chapter that help entrepreneurs write an effective business plan.

The module for writing the content is also integrated into the toolkit, which allows you to create the text of the business plan in addition to financial statements (balance sheet).

Instructions for use of tools as a practical case

To see the functionality and use of tools for business planning, we have included a full business plan and all of its contents for hypothetical company. The business plan is available in the final (.pdf) format and the source (.db3) format used by the tool.

Handbooks, manuels and practical cases are free to use. For downloading them free membership in Business Planning Center is required.

Documents listed below are avaliable to all Business Planning Center Members:

An example of the whole business plan
Guidelines and tips for using the toolkit
Valuation of start-up companies

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